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Brayden's Story

IronKid Brayden is from Middletown, New York.  He has been a part of our Family Assistance Program since October 2016.  


In June 2017, Mike and Michelle Ackermann celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary. They are the proud parents of 3 ½ year old twin boys, Brayden and Landon.  


Over a year ago, Brayden was diagnosed with DIPG, a rare type of pediatric brain tumor. He has been through rigorous treatments, which now includes being part of a clinical trial at Sloan Kettering. According to Mike, Brayden's recent MRI has shown his current medication is resulting in "best case scenario" results. Our prayers are working and our donations are giving them another level of much needed support to help them focus on Brayden's care. 


While IronMatt has been a source of financial support for the Ackermanns, the Ackermanns have been just as supportive of IronMatt. Mike and Michelle, along with their family, attended the March MATTness event in the spring of 2017, where Mike and his sister were finalist in the Charity Beer Pong Tournament!  Mike recruited a dozen friends and family to field “Team Brayden” at the Annual IronMatt Softball Tournament at the end of June 2017.  Brayden was on the sidelines cheering them on!! Krisi Behrens, tournament director, said that so many players and participants of the tournament were incredibly inspired to meet the Ackermanns. Their participation and presence "put the true essence of the event in the players' minds".  

Brayden lost his battle with DIPG on May 29, 2018, just short of the next IronMatt Softball Tournament.  His presence will be truly missed, but Team Brayden will not.  They are signed up and ready to play again on June 23rd in his memory.  Their dedication to honoring Brayden will be a poignant reminder of why we all do what we can to help find a cure for this disease.

Our thoughts are with the Ackermanns, who remain grateful for all of our many prayers and generous support.

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